Friday, October 28, 2011

A New Series, "Color and Light"

I started my 75 for $75 project after reading the book, "The Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.  Gladwell talks about the "10,000-Hour Rule", stating that the success can often be attained by practicing a skill 10,000 times.  He uses the Beatles (and many others) as an example.  When in Germany, they were playing about 8 hours a day....and this is how they refined and perfected their music.

Since switching to oil six years ago, I've been struggling with 'painterly brush strokes'.  After 30 years of working in watercolor I was tired of detailed rendering.  I knew how I wanted to paint but wasn't sure how to get there.  So I challenged myself to painting 10,000 oil studies.  My rules were simple....quick studies with no detail and no rendering.  Emphasis would be on broad juicy brush strokes.  The 75 for for $75 project has been very successful.  I've learned so much and see the evidence in my larger oils.  But I'm still just beginning the project and have about 9,800 (or thereabouts) paintings to go.  Starting on November 15th, I'll be back to painting at least one daily 75 for $75 until the end of the year.  My son, Shane Rebenschied, a commercial illustrator, will be joining me again.  He may not have time to do one a day but he'll contribute some. 

I'd also like to loosen up when I paint landscapes.  So based on my first project, I'm starting a series called "Color and Light" - all landscapes.  They'll be simple tonalist oils that talk about color, light and mood.  I've been painting landscapes along these lines for a few years but I want to get braver with them.  For some reason, painting small takes the fear out.  I'm starting with 4" x 4" on Ampersand cradled board, which is a panel mounted to birch, 3"4" deep...sort of like a gallery-wrapped canvas.  The sides will be painted a solid color that is harmonious with the painting and sold unframed.  The following images are the first six in the series.  I'll be taking these to the Waterfowl Festival in Maryland in a week or two.  If they go over well, I will be doing more.  I'm not sure if I'll be selling these online or just through shows and galleries - we'll see! 

I'm not wild about the way these images have photographed.  The cradled board I'm using has a texture that makes them difficult to photograph.  Also, I may add a bird or two to some of the images - nothing more than dots on the horizon.   The first is my favorite but it's a lousy photo.  When it's dry I'll scan it and see if I can get a better image. 

All of these little guys have been sold

Color and Light 1

Color and Light 2

Color and Light 3

Color and Light 4

Color and Light 5
 Color and Light 6

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  1. I absolutely love these :) - especially the last two. They are 'my' kind of landscape! I can imagine large ones like these would be fantastic - they really do have a moody feeling about them.