Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Clean and Ready to Go!

I'll be painting for the 75 for $75 project again, from November 15th through the end of the year. My son, Shane Rebenschied,  a commercial illustrator,, hopes to contribute some 5" x 7"s to the project.  As he's up to his ears in freelance work and deadlines AND has three kids, he won't be contributing a painting every day, but hopefully he'll have time for a few beauties.

He sent me this photo of his oil palette - all clean and ready to go!

Shane uses Turpenoid, but I have asthma so I use Gamsol which seldom bothers me.  He's done some research into mediums and decided that he'd like to try a mix of stand oil/linseed and dammar varnish.  I'll be curious to see how he likes it....but linseed oil scares me as it is so often the cause of spontaneous combustion.   We both like to work on glass palettes.  Mine is a sheet of thick, tempered glass, a door from an old stereo cabinet.  Shane's is an old aluminum framed window.  Glass makes a great palette and can be cleaned easily using rubbing alcohol.  Though artist friends who have seen mine will attest that it is seldom clean. 

Back to the 75/75 project:  I'll paint at least one 5" x 7" a day, maybe more, depending on how quickly I can finish commitments for some galleries.  I've promised new Southwest pieces to Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, I've still got a couple of small oils to finish for The Legacy Gallery's small works holiday show and I'm long overdue on new work for The Pierson Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The good news is that I've supplied  Walt Horton Fine Art Gallery in Beaver Creek, Colorado with new pieces and The Horton Hayes Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, is well supplied too.  Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale also has lots of new work. 

I leave on Tuesday for The Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland, which open on Thursday night and runs through Sunday evening.  (November 11-13).  I'll have close to 40 new oils so if you're in the area, come by the Armory on Harrison Street and check out my new work!  I'm back on the 14th and will start the 75/75 project on the 15th.  No rest for the weary...

p.s.  I've had a lot of people tell me that though they'd like to buy one of my $75  oil studies, by the time they see it, it has already sold.  I'd really like to keep these little guys priced at $75 - which makes art affordable to all and gives me the incentive to keep experimenting, learning and growing with the studies.  In time I may go to an auction system (not Ebay!) but for now, they'll remain at $75.  So if you would like me to send you an email when I post a new 75/75 study, email me - and I'll do a group email the minute a new piece is up.  Email:  adele.earnshaw at  Please substitute the 'at' with a @ and leave out the spaces.    I'm trying to foil the spammers. 

I'll be in New Zealand for three months - mid February through mid May, 2012.  I'm going to paint the 75's while I'm there - but will increase the price just a bit to cover the additional postage from New Zealand.

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