Friday, November 18, 2011

Grandkids take priority over painting!

There aren't many things that I allow to interfere with my time in the studio.  Family, mainly the grandkids, are the only things that can tear me away from the easel. 

This morning I was called into action as my two-year old granddaughter was sick and couldn't go to pre-school.  Her mommy works and daddy (my son) had a couple of book covers due today so I dashed to their house to spend the day playing "this little piggy" and to watch in amazement as she navigated her way around her daddy's Ipad. 

So unfortunately, there was no time for a 75 for $75 oil study today.  Does it count that I posted two yesterday?  Tomorrow, the two older grandchildren have their last soccer games of the season - so I won't be posting a study tomorrow either!

I will work hard on Sunday and will post THREE to make up for it. 

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