Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Week From Hell!

I spent the last week at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina. The first day in Charleston, my artist buddy Joe Garcia and I shared a deli turkey wrap from an unnamed grocery store in the Charleston area, though Joe ate his half a couple of hours after I ate mine.  That evening, my innards started to feel a little unsettled....to put it mildly.  Thus began the week from hell.   Though I am agnostic, I spent the night praying that I would be put out of my misery.  Joe's night was spent the same way, though it hit him a couple of hours later.  I just ate my first meal....five days later.

So how was the show in Charleston?  Not great.  I missed the opening day and the big VIP evening....but frankly Scarlett, even a hotel fire wasn't getting me out of bed.   But I am a firm believer that every dark cloud has a silver lining.  In this case, I now have a really good inventory which will be shipped off to galleries.  The bonus...I shed those last few pounds I was trying to lose before heading off to New Zealand tomorrow.

The two featured artists for SEWE were Dustin Van Wechel (painter) Don Rambadt (sculptor), two artists those work I admire and respect.  I was honored to read their interviews in the Charleston newspaper:

Don Rambadt"  "Who are some of your favorite fellow SEWE artists?  Adele Earnshaw is at the top of my list for the painters.  She's truly an artist's artist., and one who's always pushing her boundaries.  I like artists that aren't afraid to break out of their comfort zone a little, especially when that comfort zone has been successful".

Dustin Van Wechel answered the same question with; " Adele Earnshaw, she's got great style".

Thirty years ago, my artist buddies Joe Garcia, Lindsay Scott and I used to discuss what our primary goals were as artists.  One wanted fame, one wanted fortune but I always wanted 'respect of my peers'. So thanks to Don Rambadt and Dustin Van Wechel for saving my week!  I am honored.

My  next post will be from New Zealand.  I am incredibly excited to be heading home for three months.  Stay tuned!  I will be blogging while there.  


  1. Glad you and Joe are better, Adele! What a way to spend a week in beautiful Charleston.

  2. Horrible about the food poisoning, Adele!!! BUT ... you did achieve your goal of respect from your peers. Bravo!!