Thursday, February 2, 2012

Work in Progress

If you're looking for my little oil studies, I'll be posting more tomorrow!

This is a 24" x 48" oil that I'm working on, photographed at a strange angle to reduce the glare.  I can't move it because I've just painted the gallery wrap sides.   Perhaps it's finished....I won't know until I live with it for a couple of days.  It's a companion to Counterpane,  a painting I finished last week and posted here.  (it's also on the front page of my website,  Both pieces will be exhibited at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston, South Carolina on February 17-19.  You can find me at Charleston Place, upstairs in the ballroom with the lead pipe where I'll be exhibiting my work.

Gallery-wrap sides take forever to dry unless you put a little dryer in the paint.  I use Cobalt Dryer - just a smidgen is more than enough.  I mix enough paint for all four sides.  Then I paint three sides then let it sit overnight....the extra paint goes in the freezer.  It's usually dry enough the next day to move off the easel.  The following day I flip it upside down and paint the fourth side using the paint that I stuck in the freezer.  (let it thaw first!)  This way all four sides are exactly the same color.

I'm stuck for a name for this piece.  Remembering that the companion piece is Counterpane, do you have any suggestions for a title?  I'd like a name like, End of Day or The Remains of the Day, but I've already used those names for other pieces.  Sometimes I think that naming a painting takes more effort than painting it.

 Work in Progress
24" x 48" on gallery wrap canvas

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