Thursday, March 22, 2012

60/60 Challenge - Painting #14

I'm not sure of the size of this piece - the actual painting is about a 10" by 10" but I've cropped off the bottom few inches - so perhaps it's an 8" x 10".  It's oil on Ampersand board.  I'm sitting in the car blogging this - the painting is in the trunk - but seeing the image on my laptop, the water seems a little too light in value.  Will have to take another look at the painting - maybe it's just the photography.

I painted this piece from Ti Point - just west of Leigh - which is an hour or so north of Auckland, New Zealand.  Several people were fishing off the Ti Point Wharf - including one who told me of his catch yesterday - a 17lb snapper!


  1. actually the viewer wouldn't know about the water. Nice sky and distance.
    I paint in my car too. Isn't it the best?

  2. Great landscape painting! You have talent! (: