Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Daily Painting Project Starts Today!

Today I'm starting a new daily painting project called 'The 60/60 Challenge'.  A month or two ago I challenged some artists friends on Facebook to join me in the challenge - painting one piece a day from life....NO photographic reference!  As I'm in New Zealand for three months, my 60 paintings will all be done in my Homeland - another exciting aspect (for me) of the project!  If you are interested in seeing the work of all 27 artists in the 6060 Challenge,  you can 'friend' me on Facebook - or you can just follow along here, though you'll only be seeing my contributions.

Santa Ysabel Gallery in San Diego County will be showing many of the 60/60 Challenge paintings done by me, my sister Joanne Hanson and artist friend Joe Garcia, in a three-person show in December 2012.
However some of these paintings are available for purchase prior to the show - email me if you're interested!

Sea Through Manuka
7" x 7" oil on gessoed board
60/60 #1


  1. Your paintings are always so cool. That line of sky cutting through the branches at that angle is so cool. It reads so well even when the image was a thumbnail.

  2. I love your paintings they are beautiful im a fan of nature art to i love they ways the trees bend and flow.:)