Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching up with my 60/60 Challenge

I've been doing my daily paintings for my 60/60 Challenge (that's 60 paintings in 60 days, painted 'from life' - no photographic reference) but I don't always have an internet connection to post them here.

#15 - 60/60 Challenge
This little oil was an experiment.  I gessoed a page from my sketchbook (300lb Arches watercolor paper) and painted in oil.  Not terribly exciting but an interesting way to work that I will try again!

#16 - 60/60 Challenge
This is a small oil on gessoed board - probably about 7" x 7"or thereabouts.  It's a bend in the road just around the corner from where I grew up, near Warkworth, New Zealand.  

#17 - 60/60 Challenge
I painted this in my opaque watercolor in my sketch book, from the dining room table looking out over Matheson Bay in the early morning.

#18 - 60/60 Challenge
I really fought with this oil (7" x 7") and finally cropped into it rather than turp it out.  This is painted on location in Puhoi, a historic Bohemian settlement just south of my hometown of Warkworth.  

#19 - 60/60 Challenge
This is another page from my watercolor sketchbook - an opaque watercolor on 300 lbs Arches paper.

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