Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Landscape for my Daily Painting-From-Life Challenge

In addition to doing my daily 75/75 bird study, I'm also working on my 60/60 challenge - that is 60 paintings in 60 days, from life.  This is 33 of 60.  I've been painting the hills outside the studio and this is yet another attempt.  It's a small piece - 6" x 8".  I'll be showing some of these New Zealand plein air paintings at a group show titled, 'Under the Southern Cross' at the Santa Ysabel Gallery in San Diego County, this coming December.  My sister Joanne Hanson and artist buddy Joe Garcia, are the other two artists in the group show.  They've been painting with me in New Zealand the past two months.

Ignore the little dark things at the bottom of the painting - they're the gizmos on my easel that hold the painting in place.

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