Sunday, April 25, 2010

The #%*@ Cat is in the Doghouse

Call it Murphy's Law.  Yesterday I sat three paintings on a wide windowsill in the studio to catch the sun and hopefully speed up the drying process.  Minutes later, I turned around to see Molly, my almost-18-year-old-cat sitting on them.

I have never seen Molly sitting on that windowsill.  Why now?   Three paintings have to be repainted and I have phthalo footprints across the studio floor, down the hall and on the toilet seat.  Guess she was thirsty after all that work.  

Hmmm - my project is "75 for $75".  Molly is at least 75 in cat-years - so you can have her for $75.  Any takers?   It's probably going to take $75 in cleaning products to get rid of kitty footprints and perhaps a $275 vet bill if phthalo is toxic. 

I already repainted the chicken's face before I thought to photograph it.


  1. I love this composition. Funny, but sad, story.

  2. Maybe you should leave it as is....she added a little texture to the background! However, I think you may have to end up paying $75 to get someone to take poor Miss Molly.

  3. Miss Molly is living on borrowed time in more ways than one!

  4. Any one who has a cat has had little footprints across the table! Mine did it too. Bad cat!

    On the same lines, I did a wolf painting for a client and leaned it against the wall. At the time, I was taking care of 5 wolf puppy rescues that were 8 weeks old. They drug their noses from one end of the glass to the other (you can imagine the mess they left on it). When the client came to pick it up, she insisted that I leave it alone. She loved the fact that there was real wolf nose prints on the glass. It is still on the glass 15 years later. Go figure.