Saturday, April 24, 2010

West of Sedona

Last week I spent a few hours painting with my sister  Joanne Hanson and friend Berta Riniker Ferguson.  It was late afternoon when we found this spot - west of Sedona at a scenic overlook parking area.  I'll remember the spot because the view was gorgeous in the late afternoon light.  My sister will remember the spot to as she was bitten by a no-see-um.

                                            "West of Sedona"

The Sedona Chamber of Commerce doesn't tell you about no-see-ums...but take it from one who has lived in the area for 30+ years - you don't want to venture out into juniper country in May and June without a liberal coating of insect repellent or Avon skin-so-soft.   They bite your forearms, your ears, around your eyes and in your hair....not that they won't go for any other part of your body that's exposed.  They disappear when monsoons start in July.  As it was only mid-April Joanne must have found the first one out for the season.  The next day her hand was very swollen.  I must take Joanne  painting with me more often....'cause I didn't get a single bite!

This is the 8" x 10" oil (on panel) that I painted plein air that afternoon.    Lately I've been working on canvas panels.  I like painting on them but the image isn't easy to photograph.  When it's 100% dry I'll put it on the scanner and get a better image.

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