Monday, April 19, 2010

The project is growing...

After yesterday's post announcing my project 'Summer Bird Count', my son called and suggested we make this a joint project.    Shane is a graduate of Art Center College of Design with a degree in illustration.  He earns his living as a freelance illustrator but would like to spend more time painting.  You can see his commercial illustrations at

When Shane was in college we would go out painting plein air together, but now he's so busy with his commercial work and raising three kids that we've not had the opportunity to paint together in a long time   I'll still be painting 5" x 7" birds and Shane will be doing 5" x 7" landscapes, specifically trees.

                      Trees #1      5"' x 7" oil  by Shane Rebenschied

So the project has a new name, "75 for $75" as the paintings will sell for $75 each plus $5 mailing within the contiguous U.S.     Our goal is to have at least seventy-five paintings posted on my website by June 15th.  We're both painting a few in advance (which we'll post)  so we have extras for those inevitable days when everything gets turped off - or when there's something else on the calendar that day. 

To see the growing collection go to my website then click on PAINTINGS on the top navigation bar, then go to "75 for $75".

This is going to be fun!


  1. Hi Adele - so glad you met my parents!!- hoping you inspired my mom to pick up a brush!! I love the idea of your summer bird count - and will stay tuned for them!!!